Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sianara Pat

According to the internet this means goodbye:

Pat will be entering radio silence in two weeks as he leaves the U.S. and leaps over the great wall to study in China. To send him off in style I'm proposing a Wednesday night date with Pat (He leaves this Friday for a family vacation... so the clock is ticking).

Here are my mental plans for the evening (I haven't confirmed any of this with PG).
  • 7-8 Dinner @ Barleys (pulled pork sandwich) or BW3s (I still have the sealed coupon from their one year aniversary)
  • 8-9 Rock Band - Project WET reunion Tour
  • 9-12 Thirsty Ear / Byrnes
As you can see this date is more about me than Pat. I guess that's what you get for "setting the agenda".

We'll miss you PG... hopefully "the great firewall" of China won't block the blog... or skype.


  1. text me that night and maybe ali and I can log on too. Its fuckin hot here!!! 106 degrees.

  2. Anonymous11:17 PM

    Whatever is cool with me - all things being equal, I'd lean towards Pulled Pork.. Maybe I'll break the seal on the Bdubs envelope to see if there really is a "valuable" coupon inside (a free coke).

    -- Pat

  3. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Shite. I was gonna try to make it up this weekend for a trip to the bar. Are you gonna be gone all weekend Gordo?