Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Website

So I quit my job a few weeks ago and decided to open my own law office. Much like Ed's a few months ago, it is still in its infancy, but I just got my website set up. Click the title or this for a link. It is a free one year website with the purchase of Quickbooks accounting software. My office is in the thriving metropolis of Hamilton, Ohio, about halfway between Cincy and Dayton. I chose this location because a lot of Spanish speaking folks live around here.

There is a urban/blue collar/dump bar accross from our building's parking lot called J & J's. One of its regular patron's is an old black guy named Willy that stops in and chats it up with our receptionist from time to time. Turns out, about 15 years ago he was in the band Zapp. Zapp is a Hamilton band that created the song Computer Love. That is the song from Menace II Society playing when Kane was driving to the BBQ in his recently jacked Mustang with rims.

Check out my site if you have a moment. It will increase my "spiderwebs" or whatever the term is that rates websites viewing history. The Spanish is unreviewed by anyone else, so it is probably a bit broken. But once I get someone to edit it, I might pay a few bucks a month change the site address to or something.

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  1. I do advertising for law-talking-guys. I'll be happy to throw any advice your way. I know the first year(s) of the practice are an uphill battle. Maybe you could get arrested? Its a free way to start networking with clients.