Thursday, July 23, 2009

Get your rib on this weekend!

This years Jazz & Rib Fest is being held in and around the Arena District this year due to the bridge work and general river walk renovation around Bicentennial park. The main stage will be at North Bank Park Where Brad and Kelly had their wedding reception. Judging from the maps it looks like it will be a little smaller and a little more concentrated.

Anyway, Traci and I are planning to go either Friday night or Saturday afternoon / early evening. We'd also like to have people over for a laid-back gathering either Friday or Saturday. I'll likely post an update to the blog or will just make a few phone calls.

Bird's eye view

Festival map... .PDF here


  1. ill be able to make fri. :)

  2. I can get down on Friday but not Saturday.

  3. Anonymous2:11 PM

    All things being equal, I'd vote for Friday too..

    -- Pat

  4. Friday it is!!! Traci and I will have the lukeamaniac with us so we'll likely be there for the 7-9 dinner rush. Anyone is welcome to hang out at our place afterwards.