Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shaq to Cavs?!?!

ESPN News Story

Not sure if I like this or not... my first impression when I heard of this a few days back was WTF... shaq is old and will simply clog the lane on offense when Lebron drives to the hoop.

And there's no way shaq is going to step out to the three point line to stop Rashard Lewis / Turkalo from draining three balls.

The Eastern Conference finals loss came down to...
1) Perimeter defense: our small guards couldn't match up with Orlando.
2) No scoring support for Lebron: Mo Williams was out to lunch

Shaq is not the answer to either of these problems. If this deal goes through lets hope he loses 50 lbs and runs the court like he did in the old days.

My fear is this will slow the cavs offense down like it was a couple of years ago as the ball gets dumped to shaq to keep him happy and everyone else waits around for him to not dunk on someone.

I'm not clued into the free-agent market, but there's got to be better deals out there. Don't get me wrong, this is a great video game deal... but how many games will shaq actually play next season?


  1. I think he might help. The Cavs didn't have anybody who could gaurd Howard one on one, so they had to double him up, and he would kick it out to an open shooter. Didn't Howard put up like 40 points and 20 boards when they tried to gaurd him one on one? I think Shaq can still probably play some good post defense. I agree he is old and slow, but I think that defensively, he is a step up from Z, Varejao, Wallace... I hope he likes Panini sandwiches.

  2. I am sure his ass likes panini sandwiches.

  3. Now Vince Carter to the Magic?!?!?!?!

    Shaq played in 75 games last year, 10 more than Big Z. Averaged over 17 points a game and 8 rebounds. Compared to Big Z's 13 points and 7 rebounds. Varejao had only 8 points and 7 rebounds. If anything they'll have another consistent scoring option and this will get Lebron more assists per game and bring him closer to averaging a triple double.

    Szcerbiak was the reason this didn't go through at the trade deadline. The Cavs didn't want to give him up. Wally had a total of 7 fucking points in the Eastern Conference Finals. 7! Shaq wouldn't have made a difference????

    According to the reports today Cleveland is still in the market for taller guards to fix the other problems they had this year. Tonight and the coming months will be interesting.

  4. Only time will tell as to Shaq's impact on the Cavs, but I do know one thing, the man is excellent for the local economy. This guy loves to spread around the frogskins. He's a twitter freak who loves to invite random strangers to hang out with him for a day if they're the first to respond to his "tweets". All around just a cool guy to have in the community. Phoenix will miss him... and his pocketbook.