Monday, May 11, 2009

Breaking Bad

I only watch tv for cartoons, sports and movies except for this show. Some of you probably watch it. If that's the case, chime in. Its only 2 seasons old, so you can easily catch up.
The dad from Malcom in the Middle plays a high school science teacher with lung cancer. Since being a school teacher makes it hard to pay for treatment and care for his family, he decides to cook the best meth New Mexico has ever seen. So, he's gone from a nobody with a time limit to a real gangster. He won an emmy for the role. Its on Sunday nights on AMC and its also on demand and other places online. Watch it.


  1. Haven't seen the show, but I have seen the glory of meth. I represented a guy who was charged with a minor felony meth possession charge. He was in front of the judge trying to explain the wierd scars on his hands. He said something like "I got mold in my hands!" or something equally stupid. He plead to the charge and was released pending sentencing. But on our way out a deputy cuffed him. Apparently he was cooking the shit. He was more out of it than any heroin addict or crack head I've ever represented. A great movie involving meth is "Spun". The documentary "American Meth", narrated by Val Kilmer is so so.

  2. Being able to watch shows on demand via a website is sweet. Seems like more channels should go this route.

    Good show.