Sunday, April 12, 2009

Stop the train...

I know people normally post after vacation, but Im jumping the gun b/c Im sooooo excited. Mo and I are returning to my favorite place on earth on Thursday.... J ost Van Dyke.

We are staying half the time here (Witt, didn't you and Heather stay there the last time?)and half the time at the place in the picture on the left. Its going to be 5 days of drinking Carib Beer on on the beach, snorkeling, taking our dinghy to Sandy Spit, going to Foxy's, and singing the Traci approved song: "Rum, Rum, Rum, Rum, Rummy, Rum Rum...". Of course I will miss having E-Rock too... Or the good memories of watching the 2002 national championship with Gordo and Andy from a 13" TV at this bar... (I dont have any pictures from that trip)... Im linked out...

Hastie Law Offices will be staffed by Alex, during my absence. He's more than capable of handling your OVI arraignment. Call 614-488-2800. And no, I wont be returning phone calls or emails.... Ill be back on the 21st.


  1. I know you have room for 3 more, right?!

  2. Listen, I don't mean to be rude here but the website of Hastie legal leaves a lot to be desired! With all of this dot.nerdery around surely someone could spruce that thing up a little? at least a google map for gods sake!

    Please don't sue me for giving my opinion

  3. Im working on it... As you know by now ATB, most of our friends here are merely "sham" dot.nerds with little practical knowledge. I mean I know consolidating your RSS feeds and Google earth are massivly important...