Sunday, April 26, 2009


Just got back from a Reds game. Joey Votto (above) had two doubles and knocked in 3 runs when we left in the 6th inning. Jay Bruce had two home runs and the Braves were staggering. The Reds have a shot of doing some damage this year, mainly because of Votto and Bruce. Votto is originally from Toronto, and his last name is pronounced exactly the same way as in the Mexican gang "Vatos Locos". And he shares my first name, so I might end up buying a jersey. Bruce is a 22 year old from Texas with a powerful swing and a strong throwing arm. These two have essentially taken the place of Ken Griffey Jr. and Adam Dunn. Better fielders, equally good hitters and a fraction of the salary. Good job Walt Jocketty (General Manager).

The Cleveland Cavs are looking impressive. They are in the process of (probably) sweeping the Pistons. And Boston is looking shaky without Garnett, so I think it would be a major upset if they did not make the Finals. They will likely go up against the Lakers, which could prove to be an interesting matchup. Lebron and Kobe are both going to score a crapload, so it could come down to the rest of the team. Mo Williams is the best point gaurd on either team and Lamar Odom is the best post player. If anyone wants to buy tickets to any Cavs playoff game within driving distance, give me a call.

In the NFL Draft, the Bengals and Browns both picked offensive linemen in the first round. I recently read that offensive linemen have a relatively low chance of flopping when compared to skill position selections in the first round (see Detroit Lions over the last 4 years). The Bengals got head-hunter Rey Maualuga from USC in the second round and the Browns picked physical WR Brian Robiski from the Buckeyes. Malcolm Jenkins (one of them Jenkins boys) went to the Saints as the 12th overall pick. Chris Wells went to the Arizona Cardinals. He could put up some serious numbers for a rookie if Fitzgerald and Warner continue to produce. Lauranitis went early in the second round to the Rams. Brian Hartline will be playing alongside Teddy Ginn Jr. in Miami.

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  1. No mention of hockey? (ed, a little help?) Arizona got lucky as hell. What will the refs do if Houston has to play LA? They can't possibly just stop calling fouls altogether, can they? When was the last time The King got a foul?