Saturday, April 04, 2009

Social Web Fiend

Through the wonders of RSS I can keep my short attention span happy with a smattering of headlines and links to useful information. If you ever check out the side of the blog there are several "Web 2.0" modules which rely on RSS to deliver piping hot fresh information as soon as it hits the internets. If you've got a website to promote or want to share links with other blog readers than get on the RSS train. I'm working on a way to streamline the various web 2.0 modules and combine them into one super feed. So please send me links to your personal feeds and I'll add them to the massive web-merge-feed. You can either email them to, add them to the comments, or look up gtownlove on the various web link / clip sharing services. There are two primary sources I use...
1) For managing and sharing links / bookmarks I'm a big fan of You can check out this tutorial to learn the power of tagging and sharing links. Once you get your account set up I can subscribe to your shared link page... thus updating the links posted on the side of the blog.
2) Google Reader is another great web tool to read, track, and share information from feeds you subscribe to. And just like delicious you can subscribe to various shared or tagged feeds, which again will appear on the side of the blog in the "giant web-merge" action.
I'll probalbly do a couple of video / screen cast posts to better document how to take advantage of these tools. To merge everything together I've been experimenting with yahoo pipes... a service that's been around a while which provides a visual interface to link different web applications / RSS type services together in interesting ways.

Get your nerd on!

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