Thursday, April 02, 2009

Hastie Law Offices - Monthly Update

It has been a hectic opening for Hastie Law Offices, but at the 2 month mark we appear to be turning the corner. Not gold chain and big baller....yet. I'm going to try to do a monthly update on the firm etc.
As some of you may have heard/seen, I was published in the inagural issue of 614 Magazine with my article "To Blow or Not to Blow" about what do in the event you get pulled over after drinking. I was told to spice up the article for the 25-35 crowd... so if you want to see me drop the f-bomb in print, this is the chance. Many of you will recognize the theme from prior blog posts. Check it out in the magazine.
As I hit the big time as a nationally renowned author I will never forget the blog that got me there. You guys will love the professional glamor shot that is in the actual magazine. Airbrushed... Im not kidding. Hilarious.
In other firm news, we have been bringing in several OVI cases along with the normal smorgasboard of litigation and liquor issues. I am going to use the internet mainly to push the OVI practice.
We have been working really hard to hone my OVI skills and its really starting to pay off. I recently got a dismissal for a former OSU football player on his 2nd OVI arrest (Licking County). I firmly believe we can provide top-notch OVI defense at about half of what the big guys charge. Im not disparaging any of those attorneys, as most of them are incredible attorneys and great people. This month alone I have brought in four new OVI cases. I will give y'all an update later but here are the basics:
Case 1: College student, 1st offense, no breath, no field tests, no nothing, Perry Township.
Case 2: 1st offense, asleep in the car in the middle of the road, SFTS (field tests), no breath, out of state license, Columbus.
Case 3: St. Patricks day, speeding on High Street, .132 breath test
Case 4: Prior OVI in 2004, no test, took SFSTs, no breath, pipe in the car, prior drug arrests, facing a mandatory minimum of 20 days for a 2nd with a refusal, Columbus.
Case 5: (not an OVI, but hilarious) - Upper Arlington, on parole after 2 years in jail, lights boyfriends bed on fire, runs down the street, is arrested but breaks free and tries to drive off in the police car. Cops are fairly nice and ONLY charge (so far) with resisting arrest and unauthorized use of vehicle. Jail time real likely.
*If any of you think you know who any of these people are, please dont put the names in the comments.
Good day.


  1. Kick ass article. Nothing like free advertising. I love the use of the term hot dice. I am hoping for some hot dice in Vegas this weekend for Gersch's bachelor party. I just wrote an appeal for a guy that got a 12 year old pregnant! Oops.

  2. That picture is totally on my computer now! Also I feel obligated to post this to facebook... see if you can get some feedback from your magazine hook-up as far as page views go... just kinda interested in what kind of reach the blog and face book communities may have.

  3. Are all those cases Brett Whiford?