Monday, March 02, 2009

Smith vs. Gooden

Looks like two former Cav's forwards had the remainder of the their contracts bought out by their respective teams and will soon become available free agents. Sounds like Joe Smith is the more likely candidate and I think he could provide more leadership in a play off run. Drew Gooden however is much younger and could possibly provide more energy against the younger Celtics frontline.

I'm not really going any where with this post, just wanted to pimp the Cavs and their new FIRST PLACE in the east record. The Cavs are on TV tonight against the Heat @ 7:30pm EST. Not sure if it's a nationally televised game or not... but do your self a favor and watch LeBron do his thing. This season he's been amazing every time I watch a game... hands down the leagues MVP. For those of you in Ohio make sure you watch the FSN coverage to catch "AC" provide color commentary. You get a totally different perspective listen to these guys compared to the national crews.



  1. Via: Wikipedia Carr holds NCAA tournament records for most points in one game (61 vs. Ohio in 1970), most field goals in one game (25), and most field goals attempted in one game (44). His record scoring average of 50 points per game in seven NCAA playoff games may never be broken. Recently, ESPN named Carr the 22nd greatest college basketball player of all time. [2]

  2. Cavs are up by 1 right now. One of my favorite AC-isms "Z grabs the rebound and says get away from me you little flea." Or when he says LOOK OUT! Here comes the L-Train right down Euclid Ave!!!!!!

  3. Did you see Sportscenter's top play? AC's call, "The L-Train throwin' the hammer down!"