Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Netflix friends

Do any of you use Netflix? I've seen about 300 movies using that monster. You can recommend stuff to people from for your virtual friend hole. If you have it, send me a friend request using the yahoo address jgswingle.


  1. I've been contemplating netflix for quite a while. Recently I've been doing similar stuff with the Library. I've got a list going of movies I want to watch and when I feel I'll have time I just request them and pick them up.

    Its not as streamlined as just showing up at your door like netflix... and the streaming movies via a PC seems like a good option as well.

    It would be cool if they added games too. Who knows maybe by next winter I'll be a netflix guy.

    Is there a link we can visit to see what movies you've watched... that's been my biggest problem with the library... unless your there it's hard to really browse for stuff since you've got to search for it over the web. If you're not sure what you want to watch it makes picking a movie hard.

  2. content makes the web successful or not successful. Netflix tracks it all. I can see everything I ever rented. I can see what my friends get too. The amount of movies available through netflix is what got me. I can get just about any movie tv show and obscure documentary or training video from them.

  3. Jared, you still in Portland? I'm probably coming out there next month to see the Boar.