Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mainstream Metallica

If you watched the NCAA tournament over the weekend there's a good chance you've seen this commercial. So how mainstream is Metallica / Guitar Hero / Rock Band at this point? Who wants to have an old fashioned Rock Band night this weekend? There are a ton of new songs available via the store by pearl jam, white zombie, james brown, stevie ray vaughn, steve miller band and many more.


  1. Awesome! I miss that one

  2. Can you use Rockband instruments on Guitar Hero?

  3. According to this compatibility chart... Rock Band 1 instruments are compatible with Guitar Hero World Tour.

    I think this means we can to assume that they will work with this version... since GH-World Tour and Metallica are essentially the same game with different characters / songs.

    I may need to buy World Tour anyway as it has several tool songs playable with Alex Grey's art. The internets will let us know if RB-1 stuff will work with this game in due time.