Friday, March 13, 2009

Gadget Help

.NERDS! Assemble!
I have to buy a gift for my departing colleague (and boss!) as he's leaving to go back stateside. I wanna buy him a techy gift as he's a .Nerd but have no clue what to get him. He has an iPhone and AirBook so something mac based might be good. Also he's into photography and has a super expensive Canon Digi things around that theme would be good too.



  1. A Garmin GPS is a useful gadget. I just bought a wide screen that says the street names from for about $240 with shipping.

  2. This may sound stupid... but a bag could be useful. After getting a new laptop I picked up a laptop sleeve based on some astronaut technology that's supposed to absorb contact and become rigid if something hard hits it.

    Here are a bunch of links to cases

    Some Australian company makes super cool leather ones that look rugged. Maybe it's a little metro... but it's convenient.

    Another option could be skype minutes or an amazon gift card or a year pro account for flickr $25.

    Personally I've been looking at getting a Network Attached Storage device (NAS). It's just a hard drive with an ethernet port so you can set up a file server for home without having a pc running the entire time.

    Western Digital has a new one that should stream media to a PS3 or xbox 360 nicely. also you can schedule backups of whatever PC is attached to the network...

    A 1TB version goes for $200 on Amazon

  3. bluetooth stuff can be useful for someone like that. I think I would use the stereo headphones, but can't ever bring myself to get them.