Friday, February 13, 2009

Gemorrah (Sounds sweet)

This movie sounds cool... hopefully it will make a national release / distribution soon.

Oh yea and ATB... I hear you've been pounded with snow the past week or two... what's up with that?

Happy Friday all!


  1. yes, that looks like one helluva movie. Apparently the writer is under constant police protection because this movie is pretty damn accurate. I'm gonna see Friday the 13th today. Its the 13th today, so do I really have a choice?

  2. It's also Erin's birthday - Happy Birthday E!!

  3. I've seen it - it's pretty good.very nasty, dark and gritty. Not a glossy, slick hollywood ganster movie. A number of real-life gangsters are in it. including one who later got shot as he came out of hiding to feed his ego by appearing in it.
    I saw Gran Torino the other day - brilliant. I also saw this which was even better:

    Yeah - My Polish friends and I went up inot the mountains and the snow was a lot worse than we thought. There are some pic,s in my Flickr page...