Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Feed Reader

I'm a big fan of RSS as you may know from previous blogg posts. Here are a few recently stared links from the feeds I subscribe to in google reader. Most of these focus on the progress of the Yard Redevelopment project at the old Big Bear Warehouse site.

Via:Columbus Retro-Metro
"Macy's discussing a move to Grandview"

"Project in backyard worries Columbus"

"Degraw - work should start to bear fruit this year"

"Oso Grande (Big Bear) clean up gets cash from state"

Via: 1up.com
"Guitar Hero Metallica details released" - check out the full set list. Also... Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead fame will be a playable character.

Via: digg.com / LA Metromix
"Saved by the Bell - Where are they now" (Photos of the old cast members and brief update on their careers).

One more thing... what's up with the constant onslaught of "super hero" movies? Have comics become so main stream that every movie must somehow involve a person with unnatural abilities? Sorry, seems like every other commercial is for a super hero movie right now.

Two more things... James Hall down in Athens had a couple of students with bacterial meningitis.

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