Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Are you tired of not being able to reply to a lot of people easily? Annoyed by limits on how many people you can send a text message to? Then why not twitter? Ok enough with the cheesy tv only advertising.

Really Twitter is very easy to use and kind of cool. You can text in comments that other get via text message. This makes it really easy to do a post such as hey heading to Thirst Ear tonight at 9 and everyone who follows you gets the message.

Anyway if you join find me under my email address I am going to give it a try for a while.


  1. I'll try to wrap my head around the whole service again... if I remember right you can send a text message to twitter to turn on and off the automatic forwarding of tweets.

    Since there may be times when you don't want to get everyone's messages... but if a group of us follow each other it should be straight forward.

    Oh yea I'm pretty sure enviro-care solutions has an account set up... yes ka I still owe you some Angie's list love.

  2. yeah I am following envio-care, you, and brennon

  3. Follow Yun. http://www.twitter.com/yuntraining
    You can even hook it up to update your facebook, and connect it to every blog post you make.It's sweet!