Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dot Nerd Geo help - FOR A REASON!

I'm undertaking the scallyrally 'Road to Rimini' with my mates for Charity this summer. Basically it means we must buy a car for LESS than £100 and drive it through some of the most challenging and picturesque roads in Europe - ending up in Italy.
I want to use some Geotechnology and fancy employing Geotwitter to update a Google map (possibly hosted here?) to update my location through camera phone pic's and texts. I've signed up for a twitter account, but as my mobile is Irish based i don't think i can active the 'use mobile phone' feature....Erick, can you double check for me that's correct and if so what else could i use?

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  1. This is crazy! Sounds like a poor mans gum-ball rally. Are you allowed to fix up your car after you bought it? What kind of car can you get over there for <100 lbs? Top gear have done similar bits in the past... they even did something similar here in the states... I think one guy ended up with a chevy caprice, a ford mustang, and something like a nissan pulsar.

    Anyway this also sounds like it needs an entirely seperate blog so you can document all the preperation and planning... I mean you could have several hilarious posts just about picking out the right car... and video posts of you test driving it.

    This is brilliant, and I'd love to lend my tech skills as much as possible.

    Rock out!