Friday, December 12, 2008

This would be a great F*%#ing movie!

I like these pictures. I have put my selections for who should play these people in the movie in parentheses. In order we have pictures taken of Gov. Rod Blagojevich (Tom Cruise), Pres. Elect Obama (Will Smith), Chicago Mayor Richard Daley (Jack Nicholson), and Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn (Gene Hackman) while responding to or avoiding questions regarding the corruption charges Blagojevich is currently facing.
The link at the top will take you to a number of the Chicago Tribune articles about this scandal!
Here are some of the ALLEGED wrongdoings committed by Blagojevich as summarized by the Chicago Tribune:
  • A three-year federal corruption investigation of pay-to-play politics in Gov. Rod Blagojevich's administration has expanded to include his impending selection of a new U.S. senator to succeed President-elect Barack Obama, the Tribune has learned.
  • Days before Gov. Rod Blagojevich announced a $1.8 billion tollway construction program on Oct. 16, he privately tipped a fundraiser to the plan and said he expected a major highway contractor to raise $500,000 for his campaign fund, according to a FBI recording.
  • Among the more lurid allegations in the criminal complaint against Gov. Rod Blagojevich was that he wanted a $50,000 contribution from the head of Children's Memorial Hospital for backing $8 million in state funding.
  • Angry over critical editorials, Gov. Rod Blagojevich threatened to withhold state money for Wrigley Field renovations unless members of the Chicago Tribune's editorial board were fired, authorities charged Tuesday.
  • An unflattering portrait depicting Illinois First Lady Patricia Blagojevich as a modern-day Lady Macbeth who plotted against her husband's perceived enemies and backed his corrupt schemes emerged in court documents connected to the governor's arrest Tuesday.
  • "Hold up that [expletive] Cubs [expletive]," she is quoted as saying in the background as her husband talked on the phone, authorities alleged. "[Expletive] them."

All I can say is that you should not mess with the Cubs or their parent company! They will win a World Series one of these days. I don't care how many people have to go to jail!

Here are some other fun facts in no particular order...... 1. The top suitor to purchase the Cubs, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, was recently charged by the SEC with insider trading. 2. The Tribune Company filed for bankruptcy protection the other day, but don't worry the Cubs and Wrigley Field are not part of the filing.

One other brain teaser... Blago had been allegedly doing all of these shady deals for years right? Why arrest him before he pulls off the biggest scam of all by selling the senate seat?

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