Monday, October 13, 2008

On the Campaign Trail...

(I am aware of the irony of posting this entry after the "Emily's baby" announcement... Congrats by the way)

In my quest to elect my friend Jimmy Stewart to State Senate, my brother and I campaigned for him at the Palin rally yesterday outside St. Clairsville. In a huge field that used to be the site of Jamboree in the Hills. It was attended by +/- 10,000 McCainiacs.

We actually got to meet the Rock Star Gov of Alaska (Make no doubt about it, her popularity in SE Ohio is into the stratosphere) and shake her hand. Alex is in love. The H-Brothers will be ceasing all hand washing until further notice....

She gave a 20 minute policy speech with very little venom. I wanted to see how this speech was reported because in my eyes it was a very positive speech Dont take my word for it - Here is the Dispatch article. I think they call the speech "overwhelming positive". Her main focus was energy issues, taxes, 2nd amendment rights, and how Sen. John Wayne McCain is a badass. Its amazing how when you see somebody in person and they arent this caricature that you see on TV. She came across as sincere and real.
So I guess Obama might not be a communist and McCain isn't a senile old man... Of course I havent met them yet.
We were seated about 5 rows behind Gov. Palin on the stage (it helps to know people) so we had a great vantage point to see the massive crowd and be entertained by such SE Ohio luminaries as US bluegrass banjo champion (He's 17 and sweet), Ms. Ohio, and this guy (He coined the phrase "Mine, Baby, Mine" during his speech and was wearing a sweet cowboy hat).

The enormity of presidential politics is hard to grasp. It's pretty incredible 10K people showed up for what was basically a policy speech. I guess our Democracy is alive and kicking after all... Oh yeah, Stewart's campaign is going well. Any donations?

A few random pics I took (camera phone) from the event:

<--- Meet and greet after

From our seats --->


  1. Just finished reading The Revolution by Ron Paul. The first few chapters read much like a Professor Forte Constitutional Law class. But the last chapter - "Money - The Forbidden Topic" is the f'ing Truth. The entire book is about 150 pages and the last chapter is only about 20 pages. If any of you feel like siding with the Democrats or Republicans is a lot like rooting for the Bengals or Browns, then you ought to pick it up and give it a read.

  2. I just saw the Browns 35 Giants 14 score from last night. Way to go Brownies!

  3. Is that Tina Fey?