Thursday, September 04, 2008

Indecision 2008

Here's what I think about the 2008 Presidential race thus far, for what it's worth:


I love John McCain's direct approach to most of the major issues. Pro-war, pro-immigration, pro-small government, etc. He does not beat around the bush. But I can't help but believe that much of it is just lip service. His Republican predecessor set a record by failing to veto a single bill in his first 4 years in office. That is not the promotion of a smaller government. And I struggle to come up with reason to keep such a strong presence in Iraq. Several million dollars per week could be spent much more productively. I like Sarah Palin's attitude and charisma, but I do not think she would have much of an impact. I think that John McCain, individually, would make a great leader. But I think that his party is still controlled by the same industrial-military complex that has clouded our planet's collective decision making capacity for centuries.


Barack Obama has tremendous charisma. He gives a hell of a speech, but is he ready to lead our country? I think that his tax changes are what the country needs, more taxes for the top 5% and lower taxes for everyone else. As our country progresses, it is inevitable that we will become a bit more socialistic, just like most European countries. I think that more regulation in the financial sector would help prevent crises like the current sub-prime mortgage meltdown from reoccurring. Joe Biden is a safe VP pick as a middle of the road Democrat. Obama's lack of experience and failure to specify plans when in office concern me, however, I currently believe that the Democrats are the lesser of two evils in this year's election.

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