Thursday, September 25, 2008

Death Magnetic

Interesting article on the new Metallica album. I would be curious to hear our own experts weigh in. The article talks about how "some fans are bitterly disappointed: not by the songs or the performance, but the volume. It's so loud, they say, you can't hear the details of the music." When they say to loud they are not talking about sheer volume but more the volumes affect on dynamic range and how because they amp up the volume dynamic range is lost. Apparently one of the engineers that helped cut edit the album is a little disappointed by this as well.

Have any of you die hards noticed this at all while listening to the album?


  1. No die-hard fan could say such a thing. They may be some sort of fan, but I think it may be a lot contrary to say something like that. I die hard would have to compare "loudness" to "...and justice for all." Which contains a song so loud and complex that Metallica can't play it live. Someone will have to tell me what it is-I can't remember which song this second though. The more I listen to it the more little nuances I find that make it so fuckin badass. So my advice is to listen to it more and listen to it louder or find another band. It doesn't even sound bad. WTF? St Anger sounded bad.

  2. I read a similar article. It's hard for me to give an honest critique since I've only listened to it on the iPhone at work or doing chores around the house.

    I need spend some time listening to it on a massive hifi. I remember hearing all sorts of neuances listening to the last tool album on jim's basement back in hilliard.

    I'll have to post the link to the article i'm talking about, but it claimed that the best mix released to the public were the guitar hero 3 tracks.