Friday, September 12, 2008

Death Magnetic

In case you forgot... Metallica dropped a BOMB Today.  I got my version from's download store ($8.99)... but I think I need the physical CD for my car.  I haven't made it through the entire album yet, but so far it's bringing me back to the summer of 94... I haven't head banged in a while and my neck is getting sore.

But don't take my word for it... check out the Rolling Stone and La Times Reviews at the bottom of the page.  I'm not sure if the Schottenstien Center can handle one of Kirk's new solos.

La Times

Rolling Stone

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  1. Yeah I got mine on itunes on thursday. I have listened to it about 10 times now. Shit. Its like they knew exactly what they needed to do. Its a rather perfect album. I think I only listened to St Anger 10 times altogether. DM is non-stop. No harmony back ground vocal fluff. No Waylan Jennings, no Maryann faithful. There must be millions of E's and dropped D's on this album. Kirk plays just you imagine him playing, but has done a bit of innovating with out diverging much. Lars doesn't do anything really special, but that's a good thing. I think its a lot like ride the lightning with the grown up vocals James eventually got. I'm going to go listen to it again now.