Monday, August 11, 2008

Take THAT Frenchies!

If you didn't watch the Men's 4x100 meter relay you missed some of the most exciting sports moments in recent memory...
Team USA (huge underdogs) shattered the world record by almost 4 seconds and inched out a sh*t-talking French team by rallying from a huge deficit in the last 20 meters. Jason Lezak swam the most bad-ass anchor leg you will ever see.
My bro and I were screaming at the TV... apparantly Jimmy and Ramage were too. Do yourself a favor and find it somewhere online. Phelps still has a shot a 8 golds... 2 down...
The headline has a link to NBC's coverage so you know what will be on each day... Here are some highlights for the upcoming week (All the times unless noted are the NBC primetime coverage 8 -12 at night)(I will not be posting any spoliers):
MONDAY: 200m Freestyle final (Phelps)(3 other swimming finals), Men's Gymnastics Team Final
TUESDAY: Swimming (4 finals including 4x200), Women's Gymnastics Team Final (We are sweet), USA v. Angola in B-Ball (on live sometime between 2am and noon on USA, somebody figure that out...TiVO!
WEDNESDAY: Men's All-Around Gymnastics, More swimming
More to come later....

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