Thursday, August 14, 2008

McCain Event Tonight!

Tonight from 6:30 to 8:30 I am hosting a McCain Nation event (cookout.... NOT a fundraiser) at 1217 Grandview Ave. (the chiropractor's office in the parking lot)... I'd love it if some of the Blog Nation stopped by. Gorman, what time you getting there?
As you can imagine, I will be heading "out" afterwards, Here is our official invite (or part of it):
It's a summer cookout with the Tri-Vilalge McCain Nation Event! Whether you live in the Grandview/Marble Cliff/Upper Arlington area or not, please plan to join us for some fun!
Hosts Ed Hastie, Jennifer Imes, Tim Rankin, and Jim Savage invite you to enjoy a fun evening, discuss McCain, participate in a Conference Call with America's next First Lady, Cindy McCain, and more!
As the election is only a few months away, this event will focus on making sure every McCain supporter is registered to vote. John McCain consistently puts his country before his political interests and is committed to addressing the tough issues America cares about most. Please join us for this important and fun event!
So if nothing else, stop by so I can feel better about myself and you can even go home with a shiny new McCain yard sign!

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  1. That McCain is one jowly son of a bitch. I can only imagine what his southwestern back jowl is like.