Saturday, June 21, 2008


Just felt like going through my starred google reader stories and other stuff.

As a guy who works with flood plains I've been paying attention to the flooding along the Mississippi. I've spent plenty of time looking at topographic data in Iowa and its been interesting to see headlines about these places in the news.

Here's an interesting NPR story on Levees:
Nation's Levees May Need Overhaul
by Adriene Hill

Jimmy is getting this for his next birthday!!
It's got LED's that mimic Kit's hood lights, and the official voice of kit greets you when you turn it on.

Knight Rider-themed GPS system with authentic KITT voice

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Next up...
I'm planning on getting an iPhone soon. I'm aware of the positives and negatives of an iPhone and I must say I'm still getting one towards the end of July. That said, Blackberry is planning to release an all touch screen iPhone wanna be... on verizon!

BlackBerry Thunder touchscreen phone in live shot

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  1. I pondered an I-Phone, but am put off by two things:
    Apple's pattern of rushing things to market, hyping them up as the greatest thing (when other multimedia/touchscreen phones have existed for 12 months longer) and then bringing out improved versions within 12 months. I've been stung as an early adopter before - and that without the apple method outlined above.
    Secondly, I'm interested to see what the impact of Google Android mobile platform has. It's an opensource SDK. The impact of the opensource GoogleMaps API has taken the GIS world into the web 2.0 environment very easily. Couple google maps with google mobile platforms and you have a VERY powerful combination....

  2. I'm with you on the google phones. I guess my issues are more related to Verizon and their lock down phone / user interface issues... i.e. almost every phone they offer has the same user interface.

    And the browser on the iPhone is super cool... renders 90% of the internet, and many pages are making "iPhone" versions of their sites.

    I'm sure this time next year they'll offer a new one with added features... maybe I should wait for iPhone 5?

    Android looks super cool... this time next year it should be rocking.