Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Ghost Returns

As you may know I will be attending the Kelly Pavlik title defense with my Youngstown clients in Atlantic City this weekend....

I am sooooo jacked to watch "The Ghost" beat the day lights out of Gary "Some British Wimp" Lockett on Saturday. Tune in to HBO...

After Kelly (sponsored by BW-3... AWESOME) beats Lockett senseless his next fight is most likely going to be at 168 pounds against Joe Calzaghe the 45-0 super middleweight and light heavyweight world champ. That fight will be one of the biggest of the last 5 years. If Kelly wins that one, he will be only second boxer in history to hold belts in 3 different weight classes at the same time.

Yes, Andy he is also from the U.K.... And yes he will also get dropped by Kelly P. Also, wish me some hot dice... Bang, Bang!


  1. So I hope that his sponsor (BWs) will be broadcasting the fight. There is one down the street from my place that would be a good spot to pound a few and watch the fight. F*ck Brooklyn!

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  3. How sweet would it be if he entered the ring to crosstown natives The Black Keys? I think I just got a chubby.

  4. I hope he loses, that MF called my house at three in the morning telling me to vote for that bitch Hillary (pre-recorded). Hillary is out, maybe I see someones destiny! But i hope you have a good time ed.

  5. I hope he loses too. As if he does that mean Eddie has to mail me 50 teriyaki BW3's wings in a jiffy bag......