Friday, March 07, 2008

Some interesting reading...

Take a look at the above link and associated articles. It appears some of the brands we have come to know and love are going the way of the Betamax and HD-DVD. Looks like Old Navy is out, I will have to get my high performance fleece elsewhere. And also shocking is, Gateway computers and AMD processors. But who the hell uses those anyhow. Did I mention that I am typing this post on my new Gateway with an AMD quad-core processor. Great. It appears AMD has perhaps over extended itself purchasing graphics chip maker ATI(Yep, got that, Radeon HD2400xt, blah, blah,...). Give some of the links a peek. Some good stuff there. Imagine a world with no Dodge and Ford. It may happen sooner than you thought.


  1. Some surprises in there.. K Mart is still around? Who knew? And if this means the end of Old Navy commercials, then good riddance!

  2. K mart is the shiz. I bought a pair of flip flops in the K mart in Parma for like $4 and they lasted about 4 years.

  3. Brands I would like to go away: Blockbuster, McDonalds, Ticketbastard, Ikea, United Airlines, Sprint, Citi Bank and Michigan Wolverines. Can you think of others.