Sunday, March 23, 2008


You lot always ask what Erick and I do for a living. Erick always tries to point you towards thinking about Google Maps and says something like "it's like the behind the scenes stuff". Well, here is a great example of the kind of thing I've been developing for my current employer - with the added bonus that you might actually use it!
Mapdango is a fantastic example of a 'Mash-Up', or a website that combines a number of things into one. In this case it bases itself on GoogleMaps, but pulls in flickr pictures, gruvr event guides and weatherbug the link.

Now imagine that instead of that type of data is more specific stuff. I am currently working with a developer to make something that pulls in traffic accident data live from the Northumbria Police Authority and traffic flow levels from those traffic counters highways agencies put across the roads allowing a simple comparison between traffic volumes and accident levels. It's not hardcore analysis but the point is that once it's built it updates itself and allows staff live access to the data easily.

Anyhoo...E-lo, can you intergrate MapDango code into the side bar of the blog?

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  1. Shouldn't bee too hard... I think I'll be able to grab all the code from the map in your text.

    Google map mashups seem to be all the rage lately. It's a simple interface that people know how to use... pushing your data on it is the next step. Yahoo does some pretty good stuff with their map tools as well.

    Map on!