Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Go Vote! Go See DOTN! Oh wait..

Every now and then living in Alabama offers up additional benefits (other than mild winters, year round golf, and BBQ).. We're both a Super Tuesday state *and* Days of the New are down here on Thursday.

For those not following the primaries - it's looking like McCain will seal the deal tonight, especially if he wins in Cali. The Republican primaries are winner take all, so even if Romney runs a close second, it won't do him any good. The Dems primaries are proportional, not winner take all, so the conventional wisdom is that there are going to be enough close races tonight that this thing keeps going. In fact, there's a chance Ohio will get to decide it down the road. But, there is a poll that shows Obama with a 13 point lead in CA and another that shows Hillary with a 10 point lead.. so, if the undecideds all consolidate in one direction, then, as they say, anything can happen.

On the DOTN front.. they haven't done much in recent years.. I think Travis Meeks was on one of those VH1 specials for his meth addiction. Nice. Anyway, rumor has it they're working on an album (a good sign) but don't have a record label (probably not a good sign).


  1. You've got to love polling in politics especially with a +- 4 or 5% margin for error. I am sure there is something to it but come on it is a bit like the weather man saying in July that the highs in columbus will range from 82-88 degrees. Of course they likely will it has been that way since real scientists started recording temperatures.