Sunday, February 03, 2008

Callin out Project Wet

So there is a $5 buy in on Rock Band competition March 5 at a local bar. Can Project Wet take it home and make us all proud?!?!?

Check out the link above.


  1. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Red Octane, Press Start Gaming and Jilly’s Saloon Presents:

    Guitar Hero III Tournament


  2. Nice find Ka... too bad it's for guitar hero instead of rock band... guitar hero is just the guitar.

    I'd love to join a rock band league or something like a one night tournament... it would be hella fun to rock out at a bar and talk trash to other wanna be bands.

    A Manhattan bar recently had a rock band night.

  3. When Project Wet gets big and rocks the world, just remember those who had to sit through your struggles very patiently. They should be grandfathered in to automatically be part of the Entourage.

  4. adobe gilas or ugly tuna has a rock band night..... I forgot to tell you, i here you ka, you could be promotions director or somethin like that, but difinely in the entourage

  5. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Ka = Turtle

  6. Band name: Project Wet
    Record Label: Wet Records
    First Album: Wet Reckless (also used to describe a Reckless Operation conviction reduced from an OVI)
    Title Track: Get Wet

  7. We've got to enter a Rock Band Competition!!!! I want to flaunt Brad's mullet wig in public.

    I should have some time this weekend to practice. Should we have tryouts or do we know what are starting line up should be?

    Looking at the guitar hero contest you get to choose your difficulty, and a panel of judges score you on style during play. (I need to learn how to twirl the drum sticks!!!)