Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Blue Jacket (Not a hockey player)

Cleaning out the closet, I have found a very nice heavy duty ski coat (blue) I have washed it and it is ready to be claimed by one of you. It had some tea bags, toe warmers and a " a Noah's Ark" charm in the various pockets. Due to the contents of the jacket I look to Gorman, (the famous rocks being found in your pockets by a cop.) or Ed (because you have lost more stuff than I will ever own.) It is a very nice coat, so I hope it gets claimed, and you will be made fun of. I think the brand name is senec or senac.


  1. If its Gorman's, dont hold your breath on him claiming the coat anytime soon. I brought back a coat for him when I went to visited him in Taiwan. Umm back in 2002 or 2003. Guess what, the coat is still in my closet.


  2. Ha - I don't think that's my jacket.. although I do occasionally carry around tea bags and various charms (usually Lucky)... Right now, all I've got in my pockets are 27 cents and a half eaten burrito. So there.

    And Ka, hold on to that jacket for me just a little while longer...

  3. Great - I'll have it! Should get me through the summer nicely....

  4. Anonymous4:13 PM

    I just got my favorite headline for a spam ad:

    One inch just leads to another, and 9 inches leads to the ultimate women pleasuring machine.

    That is f'ing hilarious...