Monday, January 28, 2008

Watch This Movie!!

Spiderman and Rambo have nothing on Daniel Plainview!

This & No Country for Old men are the best movies I've seen in a long time. Traci and I rented Spiderman 3 and yea it was spiderman... can't wait till the fourth one... how long until they drop the numbers from the tittle? Reminds me of old school Godzilla movies... each one should be "Spiderman vs Sandman... vs Doc Oc... vs who's next?".


  1. No country for old men is good - until it ends. then it's shite. and is overly pretentious. It needs a good shoot-out scene to tie up the storey.

    Here speaketh the knight of the realm.

  2. I kinda liked the ending... it was like the rest of the movie (totally fucked up). I can't wait to watch the DVD with director's commentary... maybe they'll include multiple endings.

    There will be blood is a BIG movie... big performances, big themes, and is set in big places (i.e. nothing for miles).

    I think I might go see it again it's that good (in my opinion).

  3. Cool - I've been hearing a lot about TWBB.. it finally opened down here - I'm going to see something on Wednesday, although it may be Michael Clayton - it just reopened, but I'm guessing may disappear within a week or two.. so that'll push TWBB to next week. A good problem to have, I reckon.

  4. For once. I aggree with the Brit :)

  5. Just watched Superbad. Great flick. It reminded me of planning parties in high school. When half the battle was just getting the booze.

    Another good movie is an Indiflick by Th!nk films called "Live Free or Die". It is not the cheesy Bruce Willis one as everyone thinks, it is about a small time crook from New Hampshire that goes out like a gangsta.