Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Update from Iraq...

For those of you that were at the election party last night you heard me tell the story about Ryan's brother doing his 3rd tour in Iraq... He sends us tons of emails and this is the one that came in yesterday... We raised some money to him and his guys some cool stuff... Thanks to all that donated... (Seth or Brad if you could please fill his specific request)...


Friends and Family,

So yes I have finally made it back from my first mission. We took a
little trip up to my favorite vacation spot called Baghdad. It is a nice
sunny place, not very close to the ocean, and for some reason the locals
are not very friendly, but hey.... none the less I love it there. The
whole thing took less then a week and let me tell you I thought it took
a month.

Imagine driving 5 days straight with two other people of
which you dont know very well, and one of the two you come to hate within
the first 10 mins of being in the vehilce with him. So yeah it made for
a long ride..... then after you get pack you still have the pleasure of
sleeping in the same room as that asshole you dont like.

The good thing is we made it though with no issues..... well there was
a feww issues, but nothing life threatning... so it was a sucess.....
As of right now I have a little time off before my next vacation not
sure when that is going to be... I will keep you all posted.

Sorry no pics yet, honestly I am scared to take my camera with me...
just in case one of those crazy MF's decides to try and blow me up.

Alot of people still wondering what they can send me, and I am still
thinking about it and havent really come up with it anything yet. I guess
the best thing I could do is tell you I spend a insane amount of time
in a Humvee and when I am not in there then I am relaxing or sleeping.

So whatever you think could make any of those things more enjoyable
then please send. Except Ed you need to send me some OPR stickers so I can
put them all over this country ha ha! And a OPR flag to fly of my

Ok well I hope each and everyone of you is ok and know that I am
ok...... take care and I hope to hear from you all.

1 more thing some of you sent me some e-mail addresses to add to this
list, if you dont see them on there then please send them again and I
will make it happen.


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  1. He seems pretty positive... Maybe we can chip in for a copy of rock band. Maybe Jamming out with the guy he hates would make the drives less painful?

    Seriously though, OPR stickers / a shirt from this years roast (where's mine) would probably mean more than anything.