Wednesday, November 28, 2007

NBA Playoffs in November?

Did anyone watch the Cavs last night? I just saw the highlights on ESPN, the Q was rocking like a playoff game as LBJ and Co. beat the Celtics (their second loss of the season). These two teams play again this Sunday in Boston... I assume this will be nationally televised.

Speaking of Basketball...

OSU plays host to North Carolina tonight @ 9:00pm. I don't think the game will be as close as it was last year in Chapel Hill.

Speaking of competition...

I hear it's the end of the dart season party night at Byrnes. So can I sleaze my way into a couple of free brews & some Pizza or what! How did the Money Shots do? What about the Fools?

-Rock on.


  1. I forget, but I'm pretty sure. Isn't the NBA rigged by the mafia and the officiating crews? I can't decide which is worse, MLB or NBA?

  2. You can have my spot tonight at the dart party. I will be at the OSU/NC game. OSU is a 4 point underdog, even if Lawson doesn't play, and not that I don't want to see an upset, but that seems pretty bullshit. The Hansbrough vs Koofus match up should be interesting.

    If you go to darts tonight check the standings for me. I haven't looked since week 2. Pretty sure we're at the bottom of the list or 2nd to last behind the Byrne Outs. Same as it ever was.

    PS - Did the mullet wig assist in getting you over 200,000 points?