Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Now that I have this....

I need this shirt to live the dream!


  1. Ha! I was surprised you put up a picture of someone *else's* baby before putting up a picture of your own.. so.. did you skip work today, and how hard do you rock?

    ...And Traci.. what happened to waiting until Christmas?

  2. I'm still in the office... I stopped the EB games at Polaris and luckily someone canceled their pre-order, so they had one set available. Everywhere else I called either hadn't received their shipment yet or had very low numbers of PS3 versions.

    Anyway I set up all the equipment during lunch and now I'm Trying to get some work done before transforming my self into a rock god!

    I need a mullet wig and a loud ass stereo ASAP!!!!

  3. Waiting for Christmas apparently wasn't an option :) I guess you can consider it a Thanksgiving present? Of course he deserves to live out his dream, in a Karaoke sort of way.

  4. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Uhhhh.... Greatest plastic crack ever invented.


  5. Project Wet is ready for international Rock Domination. Where and When is our next band practice?

  6. VID-E-O! VID-E-O! VID-E-O!

  7. I am in serious need of a mullet wig!!! And we need more practice before we can release a music video.

    Maybe I can send a behind the scenes camperaphone video!

  8. If you're serious about the mullet wig I have one, along with matching f-oakleys.