Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mayor: 'Big' development plans leave Grandview 'a lot of work'

Looks like we'll finally get more details on the Arena District / Easton type mixed-use development that's going to take place on the old Big Bear warehouse area. Hopefully everything work out and Grandview will benefit.

Click on the title to read the Tri-Village Article and mark your calendars for December 13th and 17th for presentations on the new development being managed by Nationwide. Also, Councilman Elect Ed Hastie gets quoted as he's an expert on all things liquor.

"Without a change in state law, upcoming development will be stymied in the number and variety of restaurants and eateries it may house due the unavailability of beer, wine and liquor permits in Grandview," local attorney Ed Hastie said in an earlier interview. Hastie is an associate attorney at Newhouse, Prophater & Letcher LLC and was elected to City Council earlier in the month.

The picture shows highlighted parcels that previously belonged to Big Bear according to Franklin County Auditor (January 2007).

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  1. Here's a similar article from This Week by Ed's BFF A.Froman.