Monday, October 01, 2007

Yard signs to the rescue....

After some screwy dealings with my first sign company, I ditched them and went with somebody Ka knows. Thanks Ka...

The signs will be here by Friday, and I would like to get a group of them out this weekend. So if you would like to adorn your house with one of these signs, OR (more importantly) you know others that would. I have 150 of these to get out.
If you dont live and Grandview, there is a good chance your parents do, so say hi to mom and dad and ask if they would like to support my campaign. Please let me know... my campaign email is

On the Fundraiser side of things, I have a family one planned for this weekend but will be having another one for all my friends in the near future. If you have a suggestion for a good time/place let me know. Also let me know what you think of the signs.


  1. Erick, why are there no spaces between my paragraphs?

  2. I don't know... I'll clean it up...

  3. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Its actually going to be a darker green.

  4. They look great - I like the colors - nice and neutral (closet Irish fan).