Monday, October 15, 2007


I know some g-town readers still listen to music... anyway just thought I'd drop a line about the new Radiohead album. The big piece of news is that they went independent. Right now the only way to get their new album (In Rainbows) is to download it from their website. I guess you could use lime wire or whatever but it would probably take you longer.

Here's the clincher... radiohead is asking you to name your price. After you set up a user name and provide a credit card you get to chose how much you want to pay them. I did a standard $12 (6 lbs). So far the album seems pretty good... and it's nice to download an album sans DRM.


  1. Thanks Pimp Electric. That was a great way to buy an album. what was your cut for doing the marketing? The music industry's distribution and business model is extinct. Many or all CD stores to close soon. The album is very nice so far. In other music news I just got 6 Tool tickets. They are playing in the Rose Quarter. I got the first level up, closest to the stage, 3rd row.

  2. from what I understand they will be allowing Amazon's new music site to pedal their music as well in no small effort to snub itunes. However I have not yet confirmed such extraneous allegations and my word is not to be taken as fact (as is always the case). Anyway, worth checking out for Radiohead fans.

  3. I've heard a couple of tracks of this album and is, quite simply, aroused me. Not got around to buying it yet, but it's quite a clever trick. If this was being pedaled for the usual £10 (see that e-lo, that's '£' as in money not 'lbs's' weight) I'd probably just illegally download it. However, as I can name my price I'll buy it legit - give them a few quid to reimburse them for creating it, but not enough to line the pockets of the money men.

  4. I looked around my keyboard for a while and we don't seem to have £ on there... I've got a euro sign but it's on my #5 key... along with % How do I access it?

    I considered paying $1 for it... but I thought I'd give them a chance.

  5. Interesting news regarding Madonna and her new $120m 10 year music deal... it's with a music / promotional group rather than a traditional record label.

    Somebody help me here... is this NBA lottery draft pick money or A-Rod Money?