Thursday, October 18, 2007

And the Winner is... the Czech Republic?

I stumbled across an article today that listed China as the number one consumer of beer on the planet.. but of course, one would think 1.3 billion people could out drink 300 million (even if we do have Gersh) - so I looked up per capita beer consumption in the hope that America would come out on top. It turns out that we're number... 13! Ouch. The top six are (with Liters/Year, Ounces/Year):

Czech Republic 156.9 (5305 oz/yr)
Ireland 131.1 (4450 oz/yr)
Germany 115.4 (3902 oz/yr)
Australia 109.9 (3706 oz/yr)
Austria 108.3 (3662 oz/yr)
United Kingdom United Kingdom 99.0 (3348 oz/yr)
United States 81.6 (2759 oz/yr)

Most of the top six makes sense - but why is the Czech Republic so high? ATB - any insight?

Anyway, by these numbers, the average Czech drinks 442 bottles of beer a year - or 8.5 beers per week, the Brits drink 279/year or about 5.5/week, and here in the U.S., we drink a paltry 230/year or 4.5/week. So the good news is, the average G-Town Love member out drinks the average Czech (so, in a sense, we're number 1!), but the bad news is, the U.S.A., despite college football, Las Vegas, and Natty Light can't even break the top ten... which is a long winded way of saying - let's do some catching up this weekend - we've got ALCS Game 5 tonight, a needs-no-excuse Friday Night tomorrow, Bucks-MSU/Potential ALCS Game 6 Saturday, Sunday NFL, and Monday Night Football. It's hard work.. but someone's got to do it.


  1. I can make a strong on Saturday!

  2. Anonymous4:20 PM

    You can make a strong showing of your english skills...

  3. In addition to Pat's fascinating data regarding international beer consumption, recent reports have also shown that wine is now outselling beer stateside. Many experts point to factors like the possible reduction in LDL or "bad cholesterol" as well as the positive effects of anti-oxidants and omega-3 fatty acids particluarly in red wines. That, coupled with the fact that beer is linked with a significantly higher caloric intake and Americans new propensity to live healthier lifestyles have all lead to measurable losses in the overall alcoholic drink market share.

  4. I think if you got rid of Natty light it may help bump the figures up - that shit is awful. Perhaps the Czechs drank it all as a result of beating Germany 3-0 the other night?! Any the English drink their allocated 5.5 weekly beers in one sitting on a friday night. I'm a member of the Geordie Nation, however, who's numbers are far superior...ask Erick!