Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Brian Wendel Update

A teacher at school just showed me an article in today's Columbus Dispatch. The title of the article is, Grandview grad accused of Marine recruit abuse. It is none other than Sgt. Brian M. Wendel. I don't have a link to the page but I'm sure one of you can figure that out. It says he "could face penalties that include a bad conduct discharge, up to a year in the brig, a reduction in rank and pay deductions." Interesting....


  1. Looks like this is part of a bigger crack down... hopefully all will be well. Ya gotta love the football line and the Corbett quote.

    Didn't Wendel kick the game winning field goal against centennial during homecoming?

  2. Wendel kicked the game winner our Freshman year. I think we actually beat them pretty good the year mentioned in the paper.