Monday, September 17, 2007

Away field advantage

Whatup Buckeye Nation?! We were really nationwide last weekend. Go Bucks! Brad and Kelly Bauer were able to be a part of a wonderful (half)game. All-in-all we had 20 tickets of our friends in 2 rows. The Buckeye crowd was in full afizect on Saturday. This is a picture taken by my sister, Jessica. I think you will find that it is the most "perfect sight in nature." She was taking a picture of the scoreboard last moments of the game...when Brandon Saine decided to answer Washington's other touchdown with a last second 37 yard touchdown run! (you'll aslo notice a lack of Washington fans that bitched out in the last 5 min of their home game.)


  1. You guys aren't on the scoreboard are you? Judging from Brad's earlier pic, the back of your heads were probably on TV a lot. They cut to a camera in that corner of the stadium a bunch.

    Let's Do this...

    Kelly Bauer... that's sweet!!!

  2. Brad, correct me if I'm wrong, but that's the opposite end of the field from us. We had the offense/defense stats boards on our ends. The Buckeye fans bought more than their alloted tickets, hence the "away field advantage" It was sick how much our tailgating dominated theirs.

  3. The scoreboard was at the opposite endzone from where we were sitting. Where the buckeye fans sat, was much smaller than, but the equivalent of the south stands at the shoe full of visitors.

    I took several pictures. I'll put them on flickr eventually.