Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ohio State Football Tailgate

Hey everyone, As some of you may know I have participated in putting on a tailgate the past few years at Harrison Apartments before each football game. Im pretty sure most of you have even been to it. Anyways its located at the corner of Lane and Neil so its a awesome location. Ive done this with a bunch of other friends from college etc. Some of my friends that have helped out with the cost last year have moved away so I'm hoping some new blood from Grandview would like to participate.

Its a pretty good set up, X marks the spot where it will be located each game which is the same spot as last year. Its a BYOB tailgate so you just go to the Exxon Station next door and buy your beverages and your ready to go. If you don't have tickets to the games its ok, people just head to varsity club and watch it from there or head to Hendocs which isn't too far either.

If your interested Ill put you on the email list to pay by PayPal. Each person is $110 and that will pay for the entire season of partying.

Let me know.


  1. How many people do you need to pay $110... what's the total cost of the spot and when do you need the money by? $110 bucks doesn't sound bad, I just know that I'm less likely to party like a rock star during every home game.

    Could Hendoc's use this as a marketing opportunity? What if sweet Jimmy and his Bro bankroll the spot and put up some banners / advertising.

    Or what about your environmental pest control company?

  2. I think if Jimmy is interested I can propose it to my friends. I think its a great idea and location to get people back to Hendocs after the game or during the game for those who dont have tickets...etc.