Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Just a taste!

If everyone who attended the pig roast submitted one picture from this years roast to the flickr pool than we'd come close to doubling the current number of pictures taken at the first five roasts combined.

Even though I was down there the night before, I'm beginning to wonder if anything happened on Saturday.

Was a camera ban strictly enforced?

Will a single picture be posted from this year's roast?

Was another huge group picture attempted?

Am I that big of an asshole for not making the roast that everyone is busy sharing and tagging a super secret hidden set of OPR pictures on flickr?


  1. I uploaded a few pictures.

    Here's One

    Check out the background

    Butt Scratcher, Butt Scratcher!

  2. This one is perfect! Proves there was an abundance of cameras... I guess I can hope more will trickle in.