Thursday, July 26, 2007

Gardening Leave....

Dear All,
I just thought I'd share with you the fact that I'm on four weeks holiday - fully paid! I turned in my resignation last friday, and my monday evening I was on Gardening leave. Apparently it's to prevent my from taking any important and/or confidential data out of the office to gain profit from. But so far I've just lain in bed. Tomorrow I think I will go see a matinée of Transformers to avoid the evening crowds.....whoohoo!
Unfortunately I have to remain 'accessible' to my current employers, otherwise I would hop on a plane and come see y'all.
Can't have it all I guess.....


  1. So it's official... you're no longer an NLP employee. How will you handle not working with a large group of young professionals? Enjoy the time off... you could probably go to Spain for an extended weekend right?

  2. I could do but I'd be flying solo. I thought about heading over to Ireland to see Al ans Vero...I may do that