Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Worse than the approval rating.

I thought I would slide this in because we only have another 24-48 hours before the Cavs dominate everything including this blog.
Mike Wallace's favorite interviews were on 60min on Sunday. One was with the President of Iran. He had a pretty good response when asked about what he thought of Bush. He said something like its a shame that he can let us have a low literacy rate, high rate of population in prison, low rate of those with health care. Above all, he looks like a chump when he visits other countries trying to spread America's goodwill around when he has a minuscule approval rating. Basikally, he looks like a bitch when he walks in a room that rating.

So, even worse still how does he look when a state wants to secede? Click the title to read the article about Vermont's exit strategy.


  1. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Hmmmm.... Low literacy rate? Tell that perverted looking freaking that ours is 99.9% and there's is 80%, according to the United Nations Development Programme Report.

    Thats the only thing, I had the time to look at...

  2. Hmmmm.... Low prison populations? How about crazy stupid and hipocritcal. Here is an artilce stating that there
    prison populaiton growth is higher then anywhere else in the world or at least the undocumented increase is.
    Stats on Prison Population

    Big on Human Rights

    In short what i have read over the last 20 min, it would be impossible to get a real count on how many people they have in prison because you are not even allow to take pictures of there prisons. Not to mention they have much of there prison population locked up in sections of the prison that for all practical purposes don't exist.

  3. I knew I would hear from you two, but I was more interested to hear about Vermont, not the prison population. What's Bush's approval rating now anyway?

  4. I think it's pretty funny, but best summed up by the quote at the end of the article:

    "It doesn't make economic sense, it doesn't make political sense, it doesn't make historical sense. Other than that, it's a good idea," said Paul Gillies, a lawyer and Vermont historian.

  5. Anonymous1:05 AM


    I actually saw that article the other day.. I LOVED that quote, and the one about "I thought the Civil War settled all that.."