Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Local Flavor

Via Columbus Retro-Metro
Sounds like we should be hearing more concrete details about the new clippers stadium in the Arena District. This article outlines some of the decisions made regarding the size / format of the new stadium. The field will be sunk 6' bellow the ground, allowing a street level view for pedestrians in the left-center outfield.

Anyway, here's an interesting quote regarding season ticket packages...

The county is hoping team managers will re-evaluate their marketing at the new ballpark and allow fans to buy smaller ticket packages instead of only traditional season passes.

They want more people to be able to see a game, and fewer empty seats -- even if those seats are paid for.

"A sold but empty seat doesn't provide energy. It doesn't buy popcorn," Ellis said.

Designers want an intimate ballpark
Community integration, low prices stressed
Monday, June 18, 2007 3:27 AM


  1. Wow - it looks like a stroke of genius.. any idea when they're gonna break ground/be open for business?

  2. We have a downtown park with street viewing. its sweet. Its really just a place to dring on thursdays though.

  3. More Details Thanks to Columbus Retro Metro

    Planned is a 200,000-square-foot, open-air stadium that will offer a clear view of the downtown skyline from most seats. Other design features will include:

    * A three-story, brick building in left field that will feature a roof-top bar and gathering space for fans.

    * A terrace in right field where spectators can catch home runs hit over a 24-foot high outfield wall.

    * Fixed seating for 7,600 and another 1,200 seats in specialty areas such as bars and a club-level patio.

    * Lawn, picnic and standing areas that will hold a maximum 1,200 people.

    * Forty-two loge boxes behind home plate and 32 corporate suites.

    * A tree-canopied stadium concourse and natural grass playing field.

    * A special clubhouse for children where they can change clothes after playing in a fountain beyond the center-field wall...

    ...Construction on the ballpark should begin in August with an 18-month building schedule to follow, Ellis said. That would allow it to open in time for the start of the Clippers' season in April 2009...

  4. Looks pretty awesome. Can't wait for it to open!