Friday, June 01, 2007

Game 5: Witness!

What do you say? He drove into the lane TWICE for guerilla slams in the final 30 seconds of regulation.... off-balance fade away (Jordan) jumpers and threes... The one to tie it 2OT was just sick... "that move" at the end of the game... And the wince-inducing 25 STRAIGHT POINTS.... Dempsey (aka "D-Sizzle", Detroit Wakefield...) was at the game last night sitting right in front of Tom Izzo... Izzo was freaking out - "How do you let him get the ball"... Charles Barkley - "He just burned down the Palace, he is a raging inferno..."
May favorite exchange of the game was the last 45 seconds - Play 1: Lebron blows by Rip for the Thuggish Cock-back Throwdown, Play 2: Chauncey walks down the court and rock-a-bys Gibson and busts the sickest three I've seen (that is just stones)...Play 3: Lebron decides play #1 is a good call, deja-vu!
Id like to see comments from all the witnesses: Ive never seen Jimmy that into a game, Ive never seen Seth watch an NBA game, I almost had a heart attack, Brody called from Pheonix (he was working, Quote: "I cant have this type of Drama on the job"), My mom called and was screaming into the phone while Terry Just laughed his a** off, my cousin Seth: "we just witnessed history"...
And Brian Windhorst (read his blog too) in todays article:
-Behind the shoe deals, the millions and the criticism was the promise -- the promise of greatness...
-Playing perhaps the greatest game of his career in the biggest game in the history of the Cavaliers franchise, James totally, completely and amazingly...
-James' dominance and sense of purpose was so wide-ranging, detailing all his majestic moves and clutch deliveries is nearly impossible...
Game 6: Saturday 8:30pm
Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, Ohio


  1. Erick, Why arent my spaces showing up?


  2. The best part was watching LeBron win by playing straight up balls out, not like the grabbing, flopping, walking bobble-head, mask wearing Turd Burglar, Rip "Douche Bag" Hamilton and company. Then watching Tashaun bear witness as he ran his 115 pound ass behind the ref as he ducked the LBJ freight train followed by the right hand thunder like a little ho.

    FUCK De-TWAT!!!! Rise Up

  3. Ed, it is useless to use the english language to describe Lebron. It won't do. I can use English to interpret the announcers desparate cries for help though. All they kept saying was, "Take the ball from him! Don't let him have the ball!" Also, you know its religious when Brad is enjoying the Cavs. He's a big time hater of that "smelly town". Lebron must be a miracle worker.

  4. He has the highest medi-chlorian count of any chosen one... and this is just the beginning.

  5. Can't wait for Saturday... playing at home should take some pressure off of LBJ as the other players should contribute more.

    I was shocked and amazed... LeBron did everything you believe he should do every time he touched the ball.