Thursday, June 07, 2007

Fact or fiction: Does LeBron have help? Will Spurs steamroll Cavs?

Check out ESPN's Pun-dents / Reactionaries (I like that term Ed... chicken heads might work as well). The do Fact or Fiction regarding the Cavs Spurs Match up.

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  1. Anonymous12:03 PM

    what, not post game play by play on the blog? I guess that means that the Cavs lost.

  2. Yea... they lost... it's a seven game series and it just started.

    Check out this engadget story... perfect mash up of Cavs and .Nerd

    Cavaliers fans to watch the finals in 3D HD

    I guess they'll be putting this on at the Q this sunday for game 2

  3. The game was rough last night. It wasn't until the second half of the fourth quarter that the Cavs started playing fluidly. I say they start Daniel Gibson over Hughes. He can cover Parker better, and he's a better offensive player now that Hughes has a bum ankle. And with the way he has been shooting, he may be able to strech the defense so that Bron will have some room to drive.

    Also, they should start Varajao on Duncan. Z's offense usually makes up for his sluggish defense, but last night Duncan made him look like a clumsy Polack. Duncan had a few back door pick and rolls that looked too easy and he blocked a lot of shots. Varajao won't score much, but with Duncan around, neither will Z, so Cleveland ought to just count its losses and put in the better defender (Varejao).