Sunday, June 17, 2007

Chasing History

Ken Griffey Jr. hit two more home runs last night. The two blasts put Jr. at 581 for his career, and 8th on the all time list, just two behind McGwire. The other modern players in the top ten, Bonds, Sosa and Palmeiro have all been unquestionably linked to steroids. But Jr. did it the right way, and still is... keep it up Griff!


  1. Brandon Watson of your Hometown Hero Columbus Clippers broke a 95 year International League record yesterday when he extended his hit streak to 43 games. The record for all of the minor leagues is 69 hits set in 1919.

    Ny Times


  2. The last time I watched consecutive regular season baseball games was when McGuire and Sosa were roid-raging back in the day. Looks like I'll have to tune in again.

  3. When Bonds passes Aaron for the alltime record later this year Hank ought to walk out on the field and shit right in Barry's mouth.