Monday, May 07, 2007

Totally Stolen ESPN Article...

My only thought is the firing of coaches is kinda stupid. Rome wasn't built in a day, and a Super Bowl team isn't built in three years, coaches should do worse than "just average" to get fired... there are just so many "average coaches", who's to say replacing one with another is the way to go?

Big questions for AFC teams

The AFC has been blindsided by the Patriots...

Did the Bengals do enough this offseason to get better?
It's been a quiet offseason, and that should be good news for the Bengals. No player has been arrested since the end of the season, but the offseason also has been quiet in terms of acquisitions. Other than linebackers Ed Hartwell and Michael Myers, the Bengals haven't added much to an aging defense.

Marvin Lewis is holding the fort and hoping the roster is good enough to compete with the Ravens. He knows Carson Palmer should be even healthier in 2007, and the receiving corps is deep, despite the loss of Kelley Washington, and Chris Henry's eight-game suspension. He just hopes this group stays out of trouble.

Can the Browns get off to a fast start?
General manager Phil Savage did everything he could to give Romeo Crennel a chance to get off to a fast start. Everyone in Cleveland knows the season, and the future of the front office, could be determined in the first six games. The Browns play their three AFC North home games in September. If they can't get off to a 2-1 start in the division, Crennel's tenure as head coach could come to an end this season.

Savage drafted Joe Thomas and signed Eric Steinbach to fix the left side of the line. Jamal Lewis has the experience to pound teams early in games. Charlie Frye knows his job as starter comes down to how well he performs during the first six weeks. If the Browns don't win, Crennel could lose his starting job and Brady Quinn could emerge as the starting

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